Benefits of Optimising Potential


Our Optimising Potential service provides many benefits across the board; from an individual level, to the team, to the organisation. It is also a useful Performance Management tool.

On an individual level, Optimising Potential facilitates personal growth and empowers the person to move confidently forward. It also enables an individual-specific development map to be designed to cater for goals, strategies and needs. Imagine having each team member working to their full capacity by positively enhancing their strengths!


Optimising Potential benefits the team by:


  • Facilitating a team building process

  • Identifying:

    • Strengths

    • Opportunities for enhancement

    • Potential areas for conflict

  • Providing an objective method for teams to self-assess


Optimising Potential benefits the organisation by:


  • Increasing productivity through identifying and addressing individual motivations

  • Maximising training impact and development outcome

  • Identifying staff potential and building effective succession plans

  • Maximising gain for company at a role, team and organisational level


Optimising Potential is a useful tool for Performance Management. It provides:


  • An independent analysis in addition to observed behaviours and KPI’s

  • Enhanced capacity for impartial and objective discussion

  • Assists the performance appraisal process by providing a framework, introduction and starting point

  • Allows insight into behavioural clusters that can impact development outcomes