Thank you for completing the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire.  Please review the email that was sent by Integrated PeopleStrategies regarding the testing you have been set up to complete.  The assessments are delivered by three different providers so please ensure you have the required codes to complete the assessments.  Most candidates will be set up to complete more than one test.  



If you have been set up to complete the Abstract Reasoning assessment or Critical Thinking assessment, you will need to access these directly via URLs sent to you in the testing email.



Please ensure you complete all of the necessary assessments as soon as possible to ensure results are turned around in a timely manner.  You are invited to contact us after the selection process has been finalised to organise a time to receive feedback over the phone with one of our qualified psychologists.


If you have any questions about the testing process or have trouble accessing the assessments, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone during business hours.  Our contact number is 07 3220 2711.


Best of luck!