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Leadership Coaching

Just as professional sports people have a coach to help them maximise their strengths, overcome any weaknesses, and steer them towards their goals, we can give your people and business that same performance advantage.


Our Corporate Coaching services are designed to empower and equip people to perform at their optimum. We work closely with the organisation and individual to determine key coaching goals, and map out an appropriate plan.

We conduct corporate coaching at both an individual and team level. Some examples include:

  • Assertiveness Training

  • Planning for Success

  • Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Prioritisation and Time Management


Our services can also be applied to address relevant Leadership priorities. We work closely with the organisation to determine desired leadership outcomes and the key strategic direction.

Effective leadership is critical for organisational success.

Leadership development is a strategic investment – Your Leaders shape the future.


We apply a solution-focused and practical approach, assessing key strengths and perceived gaps in knowledge, skills and behaviour. We also consider organisational and personal contexts, including team, peer and supervisor impact.


We recognise that it is important to tackle the tough issues, but to do so in a positive and proactive manner that maintains dignity and self-esteem.

Leveraging people’s performance increases productivity and enhances the bottom line.


Leveraging individual performance enhances personal satisfaction and promotes employee retention.