Counselling and Employee Assistance


Some individuals take traumatic incidents or stressful situations in their stride, others do not. Conducting debriefing allows early identification of those who are not coping. Appropriate strategies can then be actioned. Those who are not coping are most likely to encounter problems concentrating at work, which can have implications for safety, as well as performance and team dynamics.


Some of the features and benefits are:


  • Clearly defined intervention, time and cost commitment, and customer feedback processes

  • Determining appropriate strategies by working with you on a case-by-case basis

  • Enhances self-esteem and confidence

  • Facilitates return to productive performance

  • Quick access to debriefing / counselling facilitates recovery from trauma

  • Qualified Psychologists experienced in debriefing critical incidents and traumatic events

  • We reinforce that it is normal to react to such events

  • A quick workplace response can mean:

    • Reduced sick leave

    • Reduced staff turnover

    • Reduced worker’s compensation costs

    • Less impact on productivity and performance

  • Our qualified Psychologists can conduct group debriefing sessions