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Psychological Assessment

Organisations hire people for their qualifications and experience…
and fire them for their behaviour.


Correct hiring decisions reduce unnecessary risk, stress and expense. Ensuring the right person – job fit will produce highly motivated and productive employees.


Psychological Assessment is an objective way to identify an individual’s strengths, areas for development, motivational factors and work preferences. It also enhances the ability to manage ongoing performance.


Psychological Assessment is a greater predictor of on-the-job performance than any other assessment tool.


We believe in a comprehensive selection process that includes interview and reference checking, as well as psychological assessment. We don’t see psychological assessment as the “be all and end all”, recognising also the importance of people’s experience and qualifications. By using our assessments to compliment your selection process, you can select the right person for a specific role.


As an employer, would you intentionally hire an employee with insufficient ability to do the job, or a poor fit in terms of personality, job competencies and organisational culture?