Psychological Assessment


Correct hiring decisions reduce unnecessary risk, stress and expense. Ensuring the right person – job fit will produce highly motivated and productive employees.


Psychological Assessment is an objective way to identify an individual’s strengths, areas for development, motivational factors and work preferences. It also enhances the ability to manage ongoing performance.



Leadership Coaching


Just as professional sports people have a coach to help them maximise their strengths, overcome any weaknesses, and steer them towards their goals, we can give your people and business that same performance advantage.


Our Corporate Coaching services are designed to empower and equip people to perform at their optimum. We work closely with the organisation and individual to determine key coaching goals, and map out an appropriate plan.





As a proactive and compassionate employer it is important to acknowledge that these issues are real and take steps to minimise them. Counselling assists individuals to identify problem areas, make sense of what is happening and develop practical strategies. Our goal is to restore personal well-being to the individual and assist them to regain control of their lives.



Optimising Potential


At Integrated PeopleStrategies we aim to harness the power within people by helping them to recognise and capitalise upon their strengths. Through our experience in psychometric assessment we often see people focusing upon their weaknesses and overlooking their key attributes. Optimising Potential equips people to visualise this full capacity and to reach their full potential.