8 Reasons Why All Candidates Should Receive Feedback on their Psychological Assessment Results

At Integrated PeopleStrategies we encourage everyone who completes our psychological assessments to get in touch to receive complimentary verbal feedback on their results. This not only provides the person with the opportunity to understand their own performance on the psychological assessments, but also for the capacity for questions around their particular results and the assessments utilised. The feedback process is as straightforward or as comprehensive as the person desires, as they can direct the discussion to meet their own needs and expectations.

Feedback on a person’s psychological assessment results:

1. Allows for them to get something out of the psychological assessment process

When someone completes a psychological assessment they have invested a fair amount of time and effort. By providing them with feedback around their psychological assessment results, this allows the person to gain knowledge and understanding from their involvement, on top of the experience of the selection and recruitment process.

2. Provides them with a career development opportunity

The feedback sessions provided allow for an in-depth discussion around where a person’s strengths lie, their work preferences and their potential areas for development. This can provide them with insights into the types of work they enjoy and would be suited to, the type of work environment they would assimilate with most effectively and the technical skills and capabilities that they demonstrate. For those starting in their career, this can provide an awareness around the type of job they might be most suited to, as well as providing those with more experience an understanding

of the work and work cultures that they thrive in.

3. Can assist them to understand elements of their personality and how these can impact upon their work in unexpected and surprising ways

Key behavioural characteristics such as their preference for flexibility or structure, extroversion versus introversion and results driven versus process focused are key differences that can determine how well a person performs in a particular role, work environment or culture.Whilst some people have an awareness of how their key behavioural characteristics and cognitive abilities can influence their experience in a particular role, team or workplace, others may not always realise how strongly these key components of their personality can influence their experience and performance.


4. Provides a developmental opportunity for the person in regards to their performance in the role if successful

Often when someone has been successful in the recruitment and selection process, they will be more than keen to gain insights into how they performed on the psychological assessment and what that means in regards to their on-the-job performance in the workplace.The feedback process can highlight the key strengths that they can bring to the role, and how these may also be utilised to further develop and enhance the areas for potential development that they may have.

5. Allows them to gain an understanding of where their key strengths lie and how they can draw upon these to unlock their potential

Quite often people get caught up on the assessment they found the most challenging.For some this could have been the numerical assessment, whilst for others who are more numbers driven, they may have thought other tests were more gruelling.By highlighting the areas in which they were strongest, this can help to enhance their confidence and see where they can draw upon these strengths in the future.

6. Provides them with an insight into the testing process and how the assessments are relevant

By having an open discussion around the psychological assessment process, this allows for people to ask questions around the assessments and what these are assessing for, placing their own results within this.This provides them with insights into how the assessments they completed are relevant to the role they have applied for.

7. Allows the opportunity for them to talk through their experience

Sometimes people just appreciate an opportunity to download and debrief on how they found the psychological assessment process.Perhaps they have completed a similar process before, or they may have completed psychological assessment previously and wish to talk through how this has compared and/or the assessments they enjoyed/found more challenging.

8. Enables a discussion to be had around the aspects that the person finds impacts on their work style the most and how to develop strategies to manage this

Quite often people have key areas within their results which they feel have a large impact on their work performance. This may be a cognitive ability that they feel is less strong than other areas, such as the ability to work with numbers, or for others this may be their preference to work with a very high degree of structure (or lack thereof).By talking through these areas in relation to their profile as a whole, strategies can be established which allow them to harness these areas to their advantage.

If you utilise our psychological assessment services, please encourage all candidates to give us a call at Integrated PeopleStrategies to obtain their feedback. If you have completed assessments with us, we would love to have chat with you regarding how you performed on the psychological assessments.​

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