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At Integrated People Strategies, we are committed to providing professional psychological assessment services for both our clients and the individual being assessed.  We offer an agile and flexible process conducted online, which can be tailored to create a supervised assessment setting.

Our Psychological Assessments:

  • Assess against the competencies relevant to success in the role

  • Consider the individual, the role, the business and the culture

  • Assess both aptitude and behaviour

  • Identify future potential

  • Can be completed online or under supervised conditions

  • Our Assessments align with Psychometric Assessment best-practice, applying standardised scientific method to produce objective results


In Our Reporting, We:

  • Respond to your needs urgently, processing your request ASAP!

  • Turnaround results urgently!

  • Offer Verbal reporting of results to facilitate immediate decisions

  • Provide several report styles relevant to different role levels / budgetary requirements

  • Can customise a report to suit you!

    • Specific role competencies / risk factors

    • organisational values / company culture

  • Provide group reporting options including long-listing, short-listing, benchmarking, and team profiling solutions

  • Offer volume assessment incentives.

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