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Enhanced resilience promotes motivation, morale and performance!


In our Employee Assistance and Counselling Services we focus on building resilience.


We tailor our approach to meet individual needs, working together with each person to enable and empower in a way that is relevant and suitable to them.  We also strive to identify influencing factors and potential “blind spots”, recognising that “Psychological Safety” is paramount.  Our goal is to restore personal well-being and assist people to regain control of their lives, whilst enhancing self-esteem and confidence.


Both our personal and work lives provide us with constant stress. Proactive and compassionate employers acknowledge this, providing their people with the opportunity to address these and build their resilience through Employee Assistance Services. 


Employee Assistance Programs essentially provide short-term, solution focused counselling.  Common themes we encounter include;

  • Added pressure / stress

  • Potential “burn-out”

  • Interpersonal conflict

  • Harassment and bullying

  • Personal dilemmas

  • Personal relationship difficulties

  • Trauma

  • Health challenges

  • Bereavement

Our Counselling and Employee Assistance Services are provided by qualified Psychologists and conducted in an independent setting, away from the workplace, in either a face-to-face, tele or e-meeting format (Teams / Zoom, etc.)


Employer Features and Benefits

  • Clearly defined intervention, time and cost commitment

  • Pre-agreed customer feedback processes

  • A quick workplace response can

  • (indent further) – facilitate the return to productive performance

    • (as above) - reduce sick leave

    • (as above) - reduce staff turnover

    • (as above) - reduce worker’s compensation costs

  • We assist the individual to “normalise” their reaction and focus on enhancing resilience by developing practical and workable strategies relevant to the specific situation

  • Where appropriate we can work closely with you on a case-by-case basis


Traumatic Events

We provide quick access to debriefing / counselling services (proven to facilitate recovery from trauma)

  • We reinforce that it is normal to react to such events

  • Our qualified Psychologists are experienced in conducting group debriefing sessions and/or can provide individual consultations.

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