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Optimising Potential equips people to visualise their full capacity and realise their full potential.


  • Identify the unique set of strengths each person has!

  • Ensure individuals recognise their strengths and are confident applying them

  • We can create a development map designed around key goals and needs, incorporating strategies to optimise their achievement. 


Imagine having each team member working to their full capacity by positively enhancing their strengths!

•    Increasing productivity through identifying and addressing individual motivations
•    Maximising training impact and development outcomes
•    Identifying potential and building effective succession plans
•    Maximising gain for company at a role, team and organisational level

Optimising Potential is a useful tool in Performance Management, providing: 

•    An independent analysis in addition to observed behaviours and KPI’s
•    Enhanced capacity for impartial and objective discussion
•    Assists the performance appraisal process by providing a framework, introduction and starting point
•    Allows insight into behavioural clusters that can impact development outcomes


Sometimes we don’t recognise all of our strengths, or end up in a role where we aren’t working to our natural strengths and sometimes we get caught up in a negative thinking cycle.


When people are unable to work to their strengths, they feel stressed and place pressure on themselves to perform in an unnatural way. Apart from having significant personal impact, this can have a real effect on the organisation, influencing morale, motivation and productivity, increasing errors and absenteeism, as well as interpersonal and team conflict.  Apathy and negativity spread quickly, influencing Team outlook and success.

Optimising Potential approaches this in a very non-confrontational way; people feel valued, rather than criticised, as the focus is on their strengths.

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