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Resilience is a hot topic and one of our most in-demand services. 


​Most people experience some degree of stress and pressure in their daily lives.  At one time or another we will feel the demands of life more strongly and our resilience under such demands is paramount. 


Our services range from one-on-one to team interventions, extending to entire departments and organisations. Our approach is a practical, solution focused one that includes tailored strategies as well as effective, everyday tips.


Resilience is a skill.  Research shows we can enhance / increase our resilience.


We develop resilience by being challenged and meeting those demands which usually involves some significant disruption to our everyday lives and routine.  There are many strategies and tools available to us that can increase our ability to handle these challenges.


Resilience is a complex area that is influenced by many aspects of our lives including: pressure, change, risk, relationships, our general health (particularly sleep) and our perceptions of success and failure. 

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