Resilience is currently a hot topic and one of our most in-demand services.  Many working people experience some degree of stress and pressure in their daily work life.  For some the stress of work life is felt more deeply and given we spend most of our lives at work, it is important to build up a strong level of resilience to stress, whether these be in response to big or small pressures. 


Our services in this area, range from one-on-one interventions to that of teams, larger departments and entire organisations.  We take an educational and interactive approach, being highly motivated to provide relevant insights as well as tips and tricks and workable strategies.


So why is resilience so important? Resilient people handle experiences not just in the moment, but they are also able to bounce back afterwards.  Additionally, attitudinal, behavioural and emotional components interact with situations in determining resilience.  Currently, growing research in the area suggests that resilience is a skill that can be developed.


Resilience is not about merely enduring the demands of life, but it is about responding to them and recovering from them effectively.  We can develop resilience by being challenged and meeting those demands which can involve a period of disruption.  There are strategies and tools that we can use and develop to increase our ability to handle these challenges.    


Resilience is a complex idea that can be affected by different aspects of our lives including, but not limited to, pressure, change, perceived risk, relationships, perceptions of success or failure and our general health (particularly sleep).            

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